The Small Awards Application

Please select from the dropdown list which award you are applying for. Award descriptions and guidance for applicants can be found here. You can apply for more than one award, but you will need to submit your applications separately.

We understand the 2020 has been a difficult year for many, we do not yet know what the next months will bring in terms of further restrictions for different types of businesses but we do not want this to be a barrier to you applying. The applications are evidence based and you can see what we are looking for in the awards list and guidance for each category. If you believe that you fit the category criteria but are not open at the moment due to coronavirus we would still love to hear from you and we would like to reassure you that your application will still be judged with no negative bias due to the restrictions that may have been placed on you.

We recognise that it is has been a tough year for many small businesses and have made the decision to keep the early bird pricing of £25 per application until the closing date.

Once you have completed your application, click the make payment button at bottom of the page in order to pay the £25 fee (transaction will appear on your statement as Small Business Britain).

Please note you must complete the application in one go as you cannot save and return later. We suggest you make a note of the application topics and prepare offline before submitting your details.

If you have questions regarding your application, please contact [email protected]. Good Luck!

You're almost there!

Finally, please enter in the details of the person who will be making the payment. As a reminder, each submission costs £25. When you're ready, click the confirm payment button to pay by Debit or Credit card.

If you have questions regarding your payment, please contact [email protected]